8 Bands for 2022. Here’s our view.

Predictions only come true if all things stay the same after the point at which they are made. Which of course won’t happen. But we’ll have a crack at it anyway. These are the bands we’re most looking out for in 2022.

This is the point at which we stick our head above the parapet. But, in a way, it’s the nature of what we do anyway. Just, usually it’s after the event. So, this time we’re reading the tea leaves and hoping they will give us some ideas.

We tend not to have a crack at bands or artists who have played a bad gig or released a poor record. We prefer silence as the better policy. Which is why the pages on this site have a tendency to eulogise.

Here’s our chance to big up some names we saw in 2021 and we think you would do well to take note. Of course, we may be completely wrong. But, hey!

We’re all looking for a bigger boat. Here are the ones we think could deliver our yacht in 2022.

You may know some of them already. Consider that as a down payment.

Walt Disco

They were the stand out at FestEVOL from where we were watching. A gorgeous mix of rock / funk / disco and plenty of dates for 2022. Catch them while you can. In as small a venue as you can, because they’ll be selling out bigger shows before you know it.


PINS have a glam edge about what they do. They stomp and swagger about the stage and reclaim lad rock, proving, if there were ever any doubt, this six piece can kick as hard as anyone. Just glorious, no nonsense rock. And loud. Perfect.

The Muslims

Black, brown, and, in their own words, queer as shit. With added political satire, spandex and radical extremism.

What’s not to like? Not a lot wrong with anything they do. Just don’t be a fascist anywhere near them. It won’t go well.


This year’s EP release, Liminal was spectacular and the preview single, Mackerel’s Funky Mission is an escapist anthem which sees vocalist Leona Farrugia chanting hauntingly as she inhabits the soul of a fish in a bid to free her mind from the confines of Covid-mandated lockdown, and undesirable situations in general. Makes sense? Doesn’t matter.

They’re ace and they pulled off a special gig at Future Yard in October. They were due to play Rebellion in 2020. Let’s hope they get to go there in 2022.

Beija Flo

Her stock continues to rise and a 2021 tour with Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum earlier this year simply reinforces the point. Her confidence would seem to be growing and her songwriting is impeccable. She doesn’t make compromises, which is, obviously, a Good Thing.

Sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes challenging. Always surprising. We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.

The Gulps

They had the unenviable 7.30 slot opening for Ash when we saw them in Manchester earlier in the year, but we were sold as were the wise ones who got there early enough to see them. Raucous rock / punk and they didn’t really care the Arena was less than busy. They gave it everything.

Recent single, Stuck in the City is a masterpiece.


Enigmatic and difficult to listen to, but intriguing and fascinating at the same time, we think Polexia have nerve and ideas. A creation of lockdown, but already having had a line up change since their first gig, they are pushing boundaries in Liverpool and will soon cement themselves as a central part of the noise / industrial scene that seems to be developing in the city.


We saw them on tour with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and they grabbed straight away. Full of attitude, noise and rock. As well as a healthy display of tattoos, this is the band who will piss off the neighbours.

Go for it.

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