River of Light, Take Two

River of Light is back for the second time this year and it seems to have found a better path this time round.

We were somewhat scathing about the River of Light show earlier this year, in March. It all felt a bit wrong and didn’t manage to go as planned, at least as far as we could tell.

This time around, however, the vibe was better. By a long way. Maybe it was too much of a stretch last time as we all emerged from hibernation.

The area around Pier Head, Mann Island and Castle Street was busy with families and kids on half term, all seemingly engaged with the lights, sights and sounds, rather than worrying about keeping an arbitrary 2m apart.

It may, of course, all come back to haunt us, but for now, let’s enjoy it for what it is.

Runs until 7 November. 5pm – 9pm each night.

Trumpet Flowers
Liverpool Love of My Life
Dance Together
Light Piano
Iconic Site
Sonic Runway

More Info here.

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