Silver Linings: I like screaming, but I don’t really talk that much

Silver Linings are about to get active again. There’s an impressive back catalogue and more to come. We decided a quick chat was in order.

We caught Adam Craddock, aka Silver Linings playing a gig at QU A RR Y a couple of weeks ago and were seriously impressed with his punk / psych style. For a guy on his own with a guitar and a backing track, he makes a lot of noise.

And it’s our type of noise.

We decided we needed a word.

P3dro: Where are you and what are you doing?

SL: I’m in Formby, on the outskirts of Liverpool. Jobless at the moment. So, I’m doing gigs and currently doing animation for some music videos I’m working on. It takes a lot of time, doing that!

P3dro: Tell us a bit about the Silver Linings project.

SL: I had the idea for it at the end of university. I’d written some songs, so I thought I may as well gig these. But then I didn’t do much for about two years, because I’m in a band with Bill Nickson, doing guitar and keys for him. I was busy doing that and enjoyed it.

But from doing his stuff, then I thought “I really wanna gig my stuff”. I like screaming, but I don’t really talk that much.

P3dro: We’ve seen you did some work with Eggy Records.

SL: Yeah, they released “She Runs Away” in 2019. And then I was hoping to get an EP out in mid 2020, but Covid happened, so that’s been pushed back.

SL: Hopefully with the music animations I’m working on for the EP, it can be released as singles with videos. That makes it busy on my end, but, I think it’ll work better.

P3dro: Are you set up to do all that recording at home?

SL: Yeah. Right now. It’s all here.

P3dro: Do you ever feel the need to get into a studio to mix and finish off?

SL: I probably should. But it’s money. I can do it good enough on my own.

P3dro: You have quite a lot of stuff on Bandcamp. Do you have any physical releases?

SL: I don’t really aim for physical. Some times you see bands releasing the odd 12″, but I’m not that gimmicky at the moment. No one’s gonna buy a 12″ of my music. It’s good enough on Spotify and BandCamp. Whatever gets the most people listening to it, then I’m happy with it.

I don’t really see vinyl as a solidifying of music.

I had a load of stuff ready for 2020, but now I’m just trying to get it back to where it was, so, going out, getting gigs and, hopefully recording more.

Credit: Simon Barrow

P3dro: How was lockdown? Some bands managed to be quite creative. Others just pulled the blinds down.

SL: I recorded one or two songs when I had the vibes with me in a dark room in a corner. But I had a job over lockdown, so I threw myself at that. And then this year …

P3dro: So, what are you working on at the moment?

SL: Hopefully to get the EP out in singles form and have the music videos for them done. I’ve got story boards for them all and counted how many shots I need to do. Each one will take about a month, so hopefully stuff goes from there.

P3dro: Recommend a band or an album you think we should be listening to right now.

SL: Right now? The bands I mainly listen to are all dead. I wanna say ‘Death Groups’, but that’s not even an underground band. The Pillows are good stuff. I’d recommend them.

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