Mark Vennis & Different Place ‘More in Sorrow’, a song of defiance inspired by the injustice of the Grenfell tragedy

Mark Vennis and Different Place have released new single, taken from album ‘Fighting On All Fronts’ with exclusive remixes by Dennis Bovell.

More In Sorrow’ by Mark Vennis & Different Place is released digitally on all platforms, on October 15th 2021. The single is taken from the acclaimed album Fighting On All Fronts, released last November on Cadiz Music, and is a reggae influenced song with the lyrics taking their cue from the Grenfell tragedy.

Dennis Bovell has exclusively remixed the track, as well as doing a dub version and an instrumental version. All of these, including the original track, will be available when the single is released digitally.

Mark Vennis says about ‘More in Sorrow‘: “The jumping off point for this song was the terrible fire at Grenfell Towers in 2017. To me the tragedy reflects all that is wrong with modern Britain, cost cutting spivs who get away with it, ordinary people that the authorities and council just don’t care about, a country where the gap is ever widening between the 1% and the rest of us, with the irony being that Grenfell is in one of the richest boroughs in the country. And I don’t think justice has been served for those 72 deaths and the ongoing trauma of the survivors. It is not a song of defeat but a song of defiance. Dennis Bovell is someone who has been a hero of mine since I first heard Forces of Victory by Linton Kwesi Johnson, which he produced, and he was my first choice to remix the songs. He is the Brit reggae Godfather and I am flattered that he wanted to work on it

Mark Vennis & Different Place are playing Maxillas Social Club in Notting Hill, London on October 16th 2021 as part of the Clash Against the Right launch event.

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