Blossoms – A party in the park

There needs to be no more said. Blossoms kicked it. A superb night in Sefton Park.

We were trying to do the math and it it doesn’t really work.

Just shy of £30 for a ticket x 5,000 people makes about £150,000.

There is no way this gig was put on for £150,00. The tent alone would have cost that much. The staff, the fence, the security, the safety people. The rest of them. All of them brilliant.

It wasn’t really about the music, it was about the release. The chance to have a blast, the chance to jump about, the chance to let it all go.

It’s a model that can’t be sustained. It was far too expensive for a ticket. It was also far too cold. It may be May, but we had a hole in our jeans and it was a mistake to think we could ride it out.

But, yeah, Blossoms. Brilliant. Who knew.

Hat tip to Zuzu, who was excellent as the opener and got the crowd properly engaged.

The music wasn’t the star, although, it’s true that Blossoms surprised us and carried off this gig with style.

Much has already been written by others about the night, but we share the view. The air was heady with euphoria and a bit of a whiff of weed at times, but the drug of choice was the event itself and, of course, ridiculous amounts of alcohol.

The messages on the screens at the side of the stage were encouraging us all to TAKE IT EASY. Yeah, right. As if that will cut the bar takings. This was not the night for heeding the advice.

Argue as much as you like about the fact we were guinea pigs and the wisdom or otherwise of having 5,000 in a massive tent, all kissing and hugging and generally sharing air. The data will tell us in a week or so whether it was wise. But tonight was a celebration and the ones who were lucky enough to be there took full advantage.

And we got chatted up by a couple of medical students, so there was that as well.

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