Camera – Prosthuman. Without asking for permission, they cleared away the rubble blocking the entrance and bravely made their way through.

Camera release their fifth studio album today. A mix of electronic dub and a change in direction, as is their thing, often.

With the band’s tenth anniversary in their viewfinder, Camera have pushed the button on Prosthuman, their fifth studio album.

As befits an age in which realities can change in the blink of an eye, from one day to the next, the Berlin band never tire of changing themselves, their music or personnel.

Prosthuman sees another reinvention and a reformulation of their sound without sacrificing the project’s identity which has matured over the past decade.

There is a heavy dub thing going on alongside the more electronic synth and rock feel to a lot of the tracks. It’s a curious mix, that’s for sure, but no less a cohesive piece of work.

Change and friction can be useful allies in pursuit of creativity, something which Michael Drummer has grown accustomed as the only ever-present member of Camera. The pleasures and pain of isolation – suddenly a mass phenomenon in pandemic times – are well known to the quasi frontman of the group.

There is no apparent beginning to the record, no obvious ending – rather more a sense of being right in the middle.

And that’s fine. It’s a great piece to enter half way through, at the beginning or at the end, if you wish.

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