River of Light – Unexpected Twist

Liverpool’s River of Light is back this autumn and it’s a real treat.

River of Light has returned. And we’re happy to see it back. It hasn’t been perfect and we’ve thrown sticks at it in the past, but that was then and this is now. It seems like a whole planet away since we wrote that last piece.

This time around, given the theme of “Unexpected Twist” as a reference to Liverpool hosting the World Gymnastics Championships later this year, we’re not entirely sure we get the full picture, but, then who are we to say.

It’s just a welcome return to decent public art, which has been sadly absent for a while, and a refreshing way to spend a dark Friday evening.

It’s there until 6 November and we suggest you do yourselves a favour.

Turn The Light On, It’s Dark In Here
Rainbow Accordion
Kinetic Perspective
Kinetic Perspective
Electric Dandelions
Dancing Ribbons
Dancing Ribbons

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