Bobhowla release acoustic version of new single Tainted. Get an exclusive watch of the video.

Bobhowla released their new single, Tainted, last week. Here we have an exclusive video of the, as yet unseen, acoustic version.

Bobhowla’s cracking new single hits hard. Taintedlyricallydeals with the Contaminated Blood Scandal, widely reported as ‘the worst disaster in the history of the NHS.’

It’s a raw subject which the track hopes will shed some light onto a world-wide tragedy, one that after many decades still remains relatively unknown to the wider public – a first for popular music.

The scandal has drawn many supporters over the years, with Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester) one of the most passionate. The track contains a sample of Burnham’s conclusions that a ‘criminal cover-up of an industrial scale‘ has taken place.

A line that is hugely significant to those infected and affected by the scandal.

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