La Feria – An exciting, colourful and magical festival of Latin American Arts & Culture is coming to Liverpool

La FeriaA Festival of Latin American Arts & Culture – 16th – 18th September 2022 – Various Venues, Liverpool

La Feria, which runs from 16th to 18th September 2022, is a festival run by Liverpool’s own LUMA Creations, funded through Granada Foundation, Arts Council England (Artists’ Commissions), LCCG, Community fund and the organisation’s own raised funds. 

The line-up features award-winning quintet Camila y Silvio from Chile at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall; street performance by the colourful Colombian company Cusan Theatre; dance showcases at the Liverpool Central Library with Colibri from Mexico and Caporales San Simon Sucre from Bolivia; and a day of amazing mouth-watering array of cuisine from Latin American countries such as Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Cuba & Mexico and much more at District in the Baltic Triangle.

Francisco Carrasco, Creative Director and CEO of LUMA Creations, said: “La FERIA 2022 promises to be an exciting, vibrant celebration of all thing Latin American. We have focused on the rich culture and diversity of the continent and the wonderful artists who will be performing this year. From the beautiful Andean melodies of the Camila y Silvio Quintet, to the magical Colombian street show, Las Cabezonas from Cusan Theatre, there’s something for everyone.

We have amazing Latin American cuisine, fun activities for children and an exciting dance showcase. You can dance to the sounds of some of the top Latin American DJs in the region or simply immerse yourself in the full experience. For La Feria 2022 we bring you a tightly packed weekend of our rich, multi-cultural Latin America.”

La Feria will take place from 16th to 18th September 2022 across various venues in Liverpool. For the full line-up and ticket links please visit


Camila y Silvio are a Latin American Folk Quintet that through the guitar, charango, bombo and voices interpret songs from the traditional creole repertoire, from the intensity and simplicity of the continent’s roots. Their aim is to share music from the earth, they bring audiences to share music made with their hands looking towards the essence of their communities. They take ancient forms and traditional rhythms so they can reconnect with their homeland and identity, exploring Latin American sounds, particularly Argentinean, Bolivian and Chilean. The quintet has received numerous awards throughout Latin America for their work.

La Doctrina, led by award winning composer Alonso Farias Zamora. Their unique sound mixes South American bass lines with blues and funk rhythms, with a sprinkling of Cumbia, Soul and Latin Jazz in an explosive, passionate performance that always connects with any audience. Although most of their lyrics are in Spanish, the band has always been able to spread their political message whilst touring UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Chile.

Daniela Carolina Rodriguez is an accomplished professional dancer from Colombia. She began dancing at the age of five and was crowned Folklore Dance Queen five times in Ibague, the Musical capital of Colombia. In 2018 she became Colombian Salsa Champion and toured with J-LO for her 50th Birthday Party Tour. Daniela has represented Colombia in many Salsa competitions in various countries including France & Turkey.
Caporales San Simon, Sucre (London) is a wonderful troupe of dancers from Bolivia who represent the richly, cultural roots of this Bolivian Carnival dance. In 2011 the Caporales folklore dance was declared a Cultural and Intangible Heritage of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.
Colibri Mexican Folk Dance UK are an established dance Company of native Mexicans showcasing traditional Mexican dance throughout England and beyond. Magaly Flores, Colibri’s Artistic Director, was born in Coyuca de Catalan, Guerrero, Mexico. 
Salsa Tatin y Su Son are a Cuban band based in Liverpool, under the direction of the excellent Cuban trombonist and band leader Juan Sanchez. Juan’s sensational singing style and his five-piece band take you on an explosive musical journey of Cuban rhythms including Son, Salsa, Timba and Cha Cha. The quintet incorporates musicians from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and UK.
Luma Drum & Dance The renowned Luma team come together to perform a series of drum and dance pieces from Latin America including Candombe, Cumbia and others.
Warmis UK is an indigenous Ecuadorian dance group, who dance to traditional music in colourful, vibrant, traditional outfits. They believe it is important to keep their traditions alive, share them across cultures, and pass them onto the younger generation.

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