13 Questions with Meat Sweaters. The first time we’ve been accused of murder.

Meat Sweaters have just released the video for their latest single, Body Yoghurt. Seemed like the ideal time for 13 Qs.

Hailing from Brighton and London, via Stockholm, Sweden, The Meat Sweaters are a trio (Wahoo Samuels, Pete Fraser and Jon Palmer) of friends who appreciate sounds that are very far removed from what most would consider conventional.

Embarking on a bizarre synth-punk journey with their debut four-track EP, ‘Paranoid and Sweaty’, to be released July 22nd via Hype Music (a sub label of Extreme Music), we now have the release of disturbing new single ‘Body Yoghurt’. Video below.

A manic, twitching, rampant, glorious mess of deranged experimental punk, ‘Body Yoghurt’ never takes its foot off the accelerator pedal. 

Time to get Wahoo to explain himself:

1. Where are you and what are you doing?

I’m in the studio taking a break from recording some drums. I just put a tea towel over a snare and pointed a microphone at a drummers crotch. Try it, sounds great. 

2. What is your favourite view?

One of my favourite views is that the 1995 film Hackers is unironically one of the best films

3. What is your favourite swear word and why?

Fuck. It’s the main one, you can refer to it as the F word if you need to, and no one gets upset unlike if you say cunt, which is a close second. Can’t say cunt in America I think. Cunt

4. What was the first record / cd you bought with your own money?

It was either “DJ Jean – The Launch” or “Bob Marley – Uprising”. Whichever makes me look cooler?

5. Marmite. Yes, or no?

I want to bathe in marmite and feel it slowly consume and erode my body and mind until I waste away to nothing. I hate it.

6. If you could go to a gig right now, anywhere in the world, which band would you see? And in which venue?

Nirvana in 1993 in any small venue. I think they played in the Freebutt in Brighton which was a cool grimy venue we used to have. 

7. Who are your musical influences?

The big question. Favourites include Nirvana, Postal Service, Blaze Foley, Blink 182, The Locust, NIN, John Denver, Devo, Beastie Boys, Pixies, Stranglers, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

8. How do you like your eggs?

I don’t eat eggs, so I’d prefer they stayed inside the chicken where they belong. Or in the wild or whatever when they’re ready to vacate the chicken body.

9. Tell us something we don’t know.

If you put milk in a soda stream and carbonate it, it kind of explodes into this thick foam that tastes very similar to if you chew up an ibuprofen pill.

10. Which city do you recommend we visit – and why?

I love New York (along with everyone else in the world) but Reykjavik in Iceland is also really nice too. Go to them if you like doing cool fun stuff. Go to Weston-Super-Mare in the UK if you want to lose the will to live. 

11. What’s your drink of choice?

I don’t really drink alcohol but I love super cold good ginger beer. Sorry I ruined the question. 

12. What band or album do you think we should check out right now?

I’ve been revisiting Trail of Dead’s “Madonna” album recently. Love that shit. Turnstile – GLOW ON is also amazing. 

13. Do you have anything else to declare?

I’d like to declare my genuine love and gratitude for anyone who listens to and likes our stupid music. Also P3DRO did 4 murders that no one else knows about. 

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