Kizaba: Africa Oyé, Sefton Park

Kizaba were a standout for us at Africa Oyé yesterday. We had a quick word with them.

We don’t usually do interviews at Oyé, preferring to let the music do its thing, but there was a style and an energy about Kizaba that made them feel different.

Led by drummer Lionel, their fusion of African grooves with jazz really made us see this as a band with a difference.

So we grabbed a very quick word – they were in demand.

The band say they are surprised to see so many people and they’re having a great time. Yeah, we know, fantastic journalism so far.

There’s a word in their bio in the festival programme that puzzled us – that may be us – but we wanted to know the meaning of ‘Sapologie’. It means style – it’s what they’re wearing. They’re the well dressed ones from The Congo. They design their own merch.

They certainly look the part.

And they declare they’re having a good time at Oyé. Although the weather isn’t! But the vibe is here. They’ll take that. It’s the first and only gig for this band in UK this year. Next stop is Teneriffe.

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