Fontaines DC: Hangar 34, Liverpool

An album launch for Fontaines DC had the lucky ones in Hangar 34 bouncing pretty much from the off.

Fontaines DC brought their new album Skinty Fia (The Damnation of the Deer) to a sold out show at Hangar 34 packed with the faithful.

This was a small show by their standards, in a 750 capacity venue. They could easily have sold out gigs (and have done) more than twice the size, so this was a rare chance to get a bit closer than a sweaty O2 would normally allow.

Starting off with the slow burn of In Ar Gcroithe Go Deo, the second song was Lucid and the crowd was already creating a mosh pit that extended at least half way down the room and carried on for the rest of the night. This was most, but not all, of the album with a couple more bangers (Sha Sha Sha, Televised, A Hero’s Death) thrown in for good measure.

From here the band embark on a UK and European festival circuit with a diary seeing them busy and in demand until 2023. If you. can snag a ticket (and many dates are already sold out) then you’ll be well rewarded.

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