Liverpool Tattoo Convention: Adelphi Hotel

Liverpool Tattoo Convention was back at its regular haunt – The Adelphi Hotel.

The Tattoo Convention was back in town this weekend and it’s just such a brilliant, welcoming, safe and inclusive space. It’s always a pleasure to wander around the various stalls and artists, people watching, even if there’s no ink involved on our part, at least this time.

We didn’t get quite as much time as we would have liked, but it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

With a great cabaret curated by Millie Dollar and compered by Nana Funk, it was a pity we couldn’t stay longer, but then there was the small matter of the LFC Parade nagging at us as well.

Nana Funk
Millie Dollar
Nana Funk
Edd Muir
Edd Muir & Millie Dollar
Millie Dollar
Millie Dollar

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