Diva Hollywood: Playhouse Studio, Liverpool

Diva Hollywood gave us a short, but powerful, show in which she bared a lot of her soul to those present.

The Playhouse Studio is the perfect space for this show as Diva Hollywood talked about her art, poems and her inner demons. Disability isn’t always visible and you wouldn’t know to look at her, nor even if you spent hours in her space. Unless she told you. Which she did, in this searingly honest and frank hour or so. A show that was months in its conception, yet didn’t exist in any settled form even three days ago.

Maybe better known in public for her burlesque and whips act, this was Diva getting more than just her kit off. It’s not only clothes that stop you being naked. And this was about as close as it gets in a tiger skin track suit. A fabulous evening, rounded off with a pretty decent bit of Thai food. An antidote to, for us, a pretty shitty week.

Be more like Diva and bare your soul.

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