Lady Blackbird: Band on the Wall, Manchester

Lady Blackbird has penetrated the soul of our man, Del Pike and he’s all up for it.

Marley Munroe (Age undisclosed) has been around a while, releasing semi-successful radio friendly fare but not making any huge impact. As Lady Blackbird however, she has set the new jazz scene alight. Her album Black Acid Soul was the finest slice of vinyl to grace many a Jazzhead’s turntable last year.

Mixing beautifully selected covers with original cuts with a sound that is at once vintage and fresh, it’s the voice that penetrates your soul. Her cover of Nina Simone’s Blackbird has become her signature and namesake, and she opens with this tonight.

Backlit in blinding silver, her hair is electric and her outfit a cross between Barbarella and Tina Turner’s Acid Queen. Her completely spellbinding set covers her album and more with asides adding context to her beautifully structured original songs. An encore of I Put A Spell On You allowed much deep growling to permeate her otherwise smooth vocals.

We use the phrase breathtaking very sparingly but we can’t remember too much breathing from the second LB appeared to her final steps into the darkness. An experience that we long to enjoy again very soon. Blackbird fly.

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