The Untold Orchestra – Radiohead: Camp & Furnace, Liverpool

The Untold Orchestra bring Radiohead to Liverpool. Del Pike was impressed.

With a spate of boutique, candlelit nights across the city, it’s easy to see such occasions as cash-ins or glorified tribute acts. However, as a heartfelt and solid appreciation of the artists who are being covered, with an undoubtedly talented array of musicians to hand, this was a highly enjoyable night.

With both male and female vocalists, the nuances of Thom Yorke’s lyrics are fully explored and the orchestra completely recreate the swooning drama, pathos and intensity of the original tracks.

Mixing obvious crowd-pleasers like Creep and Paranoid Android with lesser-known album tracks from the whole back catalogue, there was enough to satisfy die-hards and passive fans alike.

The Untold Orchestra take their mission seriously and are definitely a step beyond your average tribute act. With Stevie Wonder and Bowie nights ahead, it wouldn’t hurt to drop prejudices and savour some expertly crafted nostalgia.

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