Nana Funk: St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, Little Liverpool Theatre Festival

One of 12 shows chosen to make up the Little Liverpool Theatre Festival at St Luke’s, Nana Funk has all the moves. And a ukulele.

The time has come for Nana to get intimate. She’s sick of the stadium life and is now touring to smaller scale venues so she can get up close and personal with her army of fans. She’s got a bee in her bonnet and wants you to get on it.

As ever the alter ego of Angie Waller and her sidekick, Val (Claire Jones) appear to be making fun of everything around them, full of bullshit stories about touring the world, songwriting with Freddie Mercury and a list of ex-boyfriends committed to posterity, but who may or may not have ever existed.

But she makes an important point. Why does advancing age have to be a bar to having a life? Angie proves the answer in this brilliantly anarchic show.

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