Claire Welles announces new album – Othello – due for 1 April release. Listen to the title track here.

An album of bangers is what we have come to expect from Claire Welles. This one is probably the most banging yet.

Othello is yet another album by the insanely prolific Claire Welles and perhaps her most accomplished songwriting and recording yet, 25 years into her recording history.

It was recorded throughout most of 2021 and mixed by Stephen Cole at What Studio in early 2022, who helped tie in the sound of the album into it’s own world.

Themes on this LP include jealousy, Sky Sports induced depression, the cultural abyss that is America, bereavement, local heroin addicts, scallies and snooker.

Hot on the heels of doing support slots on Tim Burgess and Jane Weaver’s recent tours, as well as hosting two Twitter Listening Parties (for her Dazed and Transpose albums) Claire will be performing a number of festivals later in the year and is currently knee deep into recording another LP.

Along with a clutch of new, self assured looking, promo shots, this does feel like a more developed, rich, yet in some ways, as well a more relaxed version of Claire Welles. Suffice to say, we dig this album. Title track, Othello Pt. 1 is below.

But for her next move she would ideally like someone to release a mammoth 40 track compilation record to coincide with her 40th birthday in 2023, which would chronicle the best of her work in the past decade.

We suspect the curation of such a behemoth may be tricky. We await developments, but it’s good to see Claire’s hard work is getting some recognition further afield than the Liverpool scene she has inhabited for so long.

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