San Pedro’s Vision and Loominance Records release the new EP ’Elysium’ to all platforms on March 18th 2022

There’s new music on the horizon from San Pedro’s Vision and their first for Liverpool’s Loominance Records.

San Pedro’s Vision are a five-piece collective hailing from the north, producing an alchemic mix of Progressive, Psychedelic and Post-Rock sounds.

The Liverpool based band are galvanising elements from the likes of Pink Floyd, The Myrrors, Tool and Tame Impala to craft vast soundscapes echoing the depths of the subconscious; on your journey within, experience the masterful balance between soaring vocals and drawn out, mesmerising instrumental bridges from this band’s catalogue of conceptual releases – ‘Subconscious Reflection (2020)’, ‘Twilight of the Elephant Gods (2019), ‘Beyond the Veil (2018)’ and ‘Buffalo Sessions (2018).

Their sound exceeds the need for a casual listen.

And now there’s a new EP on the way.

Elysium’ – recorded and produced by Jose Ibanez of 3rd Planet Studios – is the latest of conceptual trips, taking an expansive yet introspective look through the unexplained territory of human consciousness and post trip moral code – a direct follow up to the ideas addressed in their popular previous release ‘Subconscious Reflection’.

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