Carol Hodge releases new single and video for Best Thing In This Town

Carol Hodge releases her latest single and video – the haunting and quite beautiful Best Thing In This Town

Yorkshire-dwelling singer-songwriter Carol Hodge is a wonderful musical dichotomy. With her roots and ethics firmly set in punk as keyboard player and long-term collaborator with Crass frontman Steve Ignorant and his current band Slice Of Life, Carol is also a uniquely gifted song-writer and as able to conjure up beautiful pop-infused, heart-wrenching melodies as she is screaming into the face of authority and injustice.

She describes herself as a ‘seven-fingered pianist’. Carol was born with a rare condition called cleft type symbrachydactyly, which means Carol has just two fingers on her left hand. Carol also performs as a keyboardist/backing vocalist with various touring bands including Ryan Hamilton (signed to Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records), Crass/Steve Ignorant, and has also guested with Ginger Wildheart, Headsticks and The Membranes.

This week sees the release of single ‘Best Thing In This Town’, the fourth single release from third studio album ‘The Crippling Space Between’ (released September 2021 on Midnight Stamp Records).

Best Thing In This Town’ is a song about loss. Sparse piano and vintage synth create a hypnotic, dreamy landscape which the emotive vocal performance cuts through. Carol says “I wanted to write a song that was universal. We have all experienced loss and grief, in many different forms. I hope there is something in this song that resonates with every listener.”

The official music video was created by award-winning video artist Fiona Brehony and features time lapse footage of flowers, sky and water, painstakingly captured over the course of six months. The end result is a mesmerising journey through the beautiful minutiae of nature, with the eerie effect of the flowers singing the song.

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