Echo and the Bunnymen hit the road for 40 year anniversary

Echo & The Bunnymen have announced the vinyl reissue of their first Best of album, Songs To Learn & Sing and a tour including Liverpool date. Del Pike has the news.

Valentines Night is looming and what better way to treat your loved one than to go and see The Bunnymen at The Phil. If ever a Liverpool band could fill that hallowed hall with majestic waves of sound it’s The Bunnymen.

The night will, as always, feature classic singles and album cuts from the band’s lengthy and ongoing career and a gig in their hometown is as much an event for the atmosphere as the music.

It’s hard to believe that debut album Crocodiles was released almost 42 years ago, and McCulloch and Co have their hardcore lifelong fans, but recent albums have proved they are still as relevant today to new listeners and 21st century new vinyl junkies.

The tour coincides with the re-release of their classic 1985 compilation, Songs to Learn and Sing. Available on regular or splatter vinyl, special editions will also include an exclusive 7” of their debut single, Pictures on my wall. The album could be found in countless student bedsits throughout the 80s and included such classics as The Cutter, The Killing Moon and Bring on the Dancing Horses, a seminal compilation if ever there was one.

At least every scouser should experience at least one Echo and The Bunnymen gig in their lives so what are you waiting for? Nothing lasts forever.

The gig is at The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Monday 14 Feb 2022.


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