Gen and the Degenerates, Urban Architects, Leonie Jakobi: Jimmy’s, Liverpool

Gen and the Degenerates rocked Jimmy’s with a celebration of the weird and wonderful

As we arrived Leonie Jakobi was warming up the crowd in style, just her and an electric guitar with a gorgeous voice and clever tunes.

Urban Architects ramped up the tempo a notch with a well executed rocky half an hour’s worth of entertainment. They’d brought the heads in too and it was clear there’s a lot of love for this band.

But the main draw was, well, the main draw. A night for the freaks and misfits, this was glorious from Gen and the Degenerates, seeing out the year (for them) with style and panache. There were guest singers and flowers for all. On the Saturday before Christmas, this was as good as it gets.

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