Nana Funk’s Stocking Filler: Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Nana Funk took on the Graham Norton role at the Unity with special guest appearances from Sumuyya Khader, Diva Hollywood, Filla Crack and Flloyd Kennedy.

Something a bit different from Nana Funk last night as she took on the role of an irreverent chat show host. Although she did at one stage point out the fact the guests she chose had done so more much more than she had. “I didn’t think that one through, properly

So, we had Sumuyya Khader, who currently has a solo exhibition, Always Black Never Blue, at The Bluecoat Arts Centre which reflects on contemporary life in Liverpool and explores people and place through illustration, drawing and painting.

Flloyd Kennedy appeared as Bessy the Fairy Queen, played uke, got dizzy, fell down and lamented the absence of Xmas panto (again) this year.

Diva Hollywood gave us a tiger taming act, whipping (literally) the heads off flowers held by an unsuspecting audience member. “It’s pretty difficult sitting down when I’m wearing a corset

Filla Crack was just good fun and the perfect foil for Nana Funk. Rumoured to be Cilla Black’s grandchild and having appeared as far afield as Birkenhead, she talked about her drag cabaret projects and general stuff.

There is, as always, a serious point to Nana Funk’s shows. Towards the end she asks us how old we are as opposed what age we are. Is the use of that world “old” pejorative? There’s a lot of baggage around such a term. The answer doesn’t really matter. What does matter is Nana Funk gave a stage to her guests and, in doing so, gave us all a fantastic night out. That’s what matters.

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