Municipal Disaster Zone – Jimmy Cauty: The Florrie, Liverpool

A dystopian nightmare from Jimmy Cauty will mess with your head and leave you wondering what you’ve just seen.

If you think this world could get any worse, then ask Jimmy Cauty and he’ll put another level of a downer on your view.

Officially called “Estate“, his latest touring work is more commonly known as the Municipal Disaster Zone.

Estate is a dystopian model village experience featuring four abandoned concrete tower blocks at 1:24 scale (approx 2 metres high) housed in a 40ft shipping container.

The tower blocks each serve a different function in the Estate and contain amusing scenes of mass social, economic and environmental devastation.

Tower block 1 contains residential Live-Work-Die units.

Tower block 2 is a multi-storey high security children’s prison.

Tower block 3 is a high-rise care home for the old, the dying and the dead.

Tower block 4 seems to have been some kind of spiritual centre for neo-pagan misbehaviour.

There. We told you it was fun. We went to have a look at it’s current resting place at The Florrie and we cannot eulogise about it enough. It’s a brilliant snapshot into the mind of one of the country’s most left of leftfield artists. It’s weird and powerful. It’s a must see and hear – yup there are effects switched on as you enter the container.

We’ll leave it at that. You need to discover it for yourself.

It’s on show in Liverpool until the end of November.

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