Nana Funk: Playhouse Studio, Liverpool. Proper fun with a serious message

An evening with Nana Funk will lift your spirits. She’s a real star and this leg of her world tour proves that to be the case.

We were treated to something a bit different tonight. Different is good. We like that.

The alter ego of all round good human, Angie Waller is a tonic and one much needed after our near catastrophic day doing the day job. We so nearly didn’t make it and we were so glad we did. Pause, breathe. Beer. Ticket. It’s OK. Nana’s just back from a world tour and we’re lucky to catch her on the Liverpool leg.

She’s just back from hitting the beaches in Ibiza, Rio and Cape Town (or somewhere, we couldn’t quite hear properly, given the noise of adulation from the crowd)

An evening of Nana Funk’s world famous hits at The Playhouse Studio with Nana on banjo (sometimes), even though it did make her a bit sweaty under the armpits when she was playing it. Accompanied by Val (not her real name, we think) on keyboards we learned a lot about Nana tonight. Previous boyfriends were mostly dickheads, and she has titanium hips, for example. But we won’t give too many spoilers and possibly not everything we hear tonight is true.

There was an interlude for an Ask Nana session, as audience members wrote questions on pieces of paper collected in a box for her to answer with improvised songs made up on the spot. “Is there any petrol in your pumps?” “Sounds like a metaphor” she says.

Do you like anything kinky?” asks one wag. Nana strums her banjo thinking of an appropriate response. After a few moments pondering, we get the answer. “Yes”.

Who would win a fight between Spider-Man and The Hulk?” gets the faux opera treatment. Brilliant.

We had the manifesto according to Nana in which she dreamed a dream of times when schools had milk and other stuff we forgot to make notes about. Even “Strong and Stable” gets an affectionate reference as a comparison to current events.

The finale, of course won’t be described here (well, the pics may give a hint, but hey). You’ll need to catch the show yourself. There is a pretty good rant at the end and we should all take notice. She speaks sense.

But Angie makes a serious point. Advancing years should be embraced. They should not be a bar to a gently risqué (or in her burlesque sets, very much more risqué) performance.

It was a short show, just over an hour. But that’s enough for Nana to show her talent as well as that of her, at times deliberately chaotic, accompanist, Val, who, quite frankly was superb and a fantastic foil for Nana Funk’s antics

All good fun and a proper feel good show.

You should be able to grab a ticket for Saturday on the door, or from the Playhouse website.

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