The Lovely Eggs, AKDK, Thick Richard: District, Liverpool

The Lovely Eggs broke their Liverpool Cherry last night at District and what a treat it was.

Persistence pays off. This is the last day of the tour and the seventh time the band has had to shift the dates because of COVID.

Last year’s album release, I Am Moron, has been bursting to get out on the road. Finally, it gets the chance.

District feels like the perfect venue for this pair. Small enough that they don’t get swamped by a massive stage, yet big enough to accommodate their ever increasing fan base. The collaboration with Iggy Pop for their recent single, I Moron, will have raised their stock quite considerably.

Maybe, despite the setbacks, the planets are starting to align for The Lovely Eggs.

If there’s one minor niggle, it’s that the band have brought touring supports with them. It would have been nice if they could have given at least one local band exposure to the pull they have. That said, both supports were quite brilliant.

But, that gripe aside, we arrive at District just in time to see AKDK kick off with their synth / drum thing. They start slow, both building up the electronics before one of them and then both of them start pummelling the drums.


We can see why The Lovely Eggs like this band so much. They’re DAF merged with Killing Joke along with an extra dose of attitude. It’s the first time the band has played Liverpool. It surely won’t be the last. Festival bookers, take note.


Our only other concern is they would blow The Lovely Eggs off stage, they were that good.

I’m here to do some shouty sweary fucking poetry for you, says Thick Richard. There wasn’t much off limits. Dead rock stars (he bemoans the fact Morrissey isn’t one of them) and festivals. Tourette’s. Even Keane don’t escape his bile. Do you want an offensive poem or a really fucking offensive one? So we get one about Roual Moat. Yeah, we did. A John Cooper Clark for 2021 but a million times worse (in a good way). You won’t be hearing him on Radio 4 anytime soon.

It’s a shame more bands don’t use spoken word as part of their gigs. There’s some brilliant stuff out there and 9 times out of 10 audiences love it.

Thick Richard

So, welcome to Eggland. It’s the first time they’ve been in Liverpool too, which is also pretty surprising given the amount of love in the room. We basically get a greatest hits run through, which of course is no bad thing, but there’s a hell of a lot to choose from.


Holly spends a lot of time holding her guitar aloft, rock star style, while screaming into the mic as only she can.

The Lovely Eggs

Starting off with the slow burn of Long Stem Carnations but then racing through a rich back catalogue, there wasn’t a great deal from the new album, save for I Moron, Insect Repellent and The Digital Hair as well as the set closer, the brilliant 24 Eyes. The band instead chose to include a set made up of crowd pleasers, including Fuck It and Dickhead. It was a showcase of how good this band can be.

The Lovely Eggs

It’s the last night of the tour. Holly says they could do it all over again, but thanks Liverpool for being a great audience. And, to be fair, the District crowd was well into this. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a mosh pit. We can think of no better band to generate one.

The Lovely Eggs

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