Kit Sebastian release Agitate – the first single from forthcoming album, Melodi

Kit Sebastian release a call to action in the form of new single Agitate, the first from forthcoming album, Melodi

London-based duo Kit Sebastian share their new single Agitate, a wake-up call from the ambiguous political position many find themselves in today.

It is the first track to be taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, Melodi, which is released 1st October on Mr Bongo.

Melodi is a joyous expression of vibrant grooves and sophisticated lyricism that transcends boundaries, borders and social-cultural preconceptions. Those familiar with the band’s cult classic 2019 debut record Mantra Moderne will instantly recognise their unique take on world music, jazz and psychedelia.

With this next album the duo have expanded their language and concepts and transposed them into something larger and more contemplative.

Written during the first UK lockdown and recorded that summer, Agitate is a rallying-cry against pacification by the hegemony. It is a jolting recognition of how it feels being strongly opposed to social inequalities, yet not knowing how to rail against them in a society whose social history is deeply shaped around injustice.

Idealising the past yet very selectively or safely remembering it. As the duo explain, “the song calls its listeners to remember, act against injustice and question figures of authority from our daily lives“.

They weave a psychedelic tapestry of global influences, with Agitate seeing them combining a rather stern Baroque harpsichord reminiscent of old Europe over an undercurrent of saxophones and a rhythm section influenced by global funk. The lyrics are sung in both English and Turkish, which adds another intriguing layer of depth to the track. A delicious taster of what is to come from a highly-anticipated album.

Melodi by Kit Sebastian is released via Mr Bongo on October 1st and is available for pre-order. The single, Agitate is out now.

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