Who the hell are Zero33? Here’s all we know about this reclusive band in advance of their EP release

Zero33 have given us an exclusive listen of their EP ahead of its release on 2 July. But they still won’t tell us who they are.

We’ll confess to having had half a shandy a few weeks ago when we met a guy outside a bar who told us he was in a band.

Even so, we do remember he was less than forthcoming about the details, save to say there was an EP on the way.

Now, we know the EP drops next Friday, 2 July and we’ve been given exclusive access. But we don’t know a great deal more about the enigma that is Zero33.

We do have a press release though. It reads as follows:

ZERO33 is not a band.

At least not a band like The Kooks or The Cribs or any of those other terrifying collection of insouciant lads in Primark v necks, tight kecks and mad accents.

They are not The Imagine Dragons.

There are loads of them apparently. I mean, those type of bands and members of ZERO33. Songwriters, producers, lyricists. A few just go for the ale and the heated discussions. Warning. There will be no whispered, wistful performances in tastefully repurposed outbuildings.

But live, they may well sound like New Order at The State in 1982. Or Talking Heads at The Mudd Club in 1979.

They might be from Liverpool, but that changes all the time.”

The EP is four tracks of rather delicious electro / funk / pop. Or, rather it’s two tracks and two remixes. If there were any justice in the world it would be coming to a radio station near you. We have an exclusive listen to the lead track, LotsaPoppa below, but we’re also very keen on the Ian Dury influenced What’s Your Number. But you’ll have to wait to hear the rest.

The band’s references to New Order and Talking Heads are pretty close to the mark and if you’re keen on either, then you’ll dig this EP.

We’re told the remixes were done by Missing Control, but, again, no one will tell us who they are either.

What we can say is this is a damn fine piece of work and it will be well worth the effort to search it out on Friday at all the usual places.


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