Venus Grrrls release new single – Hate Me. Out now on Monomyth Records

Venus Grrrls release brand new single, Hate Me on June 18th 2021, and damn fine it is too.

Jam packed with hooks and melodies that solidify the band’s new musical journey post-pandemic. The stomping rhythm section and idyllic melodies will leave you empowered and determined, the all new sound to the enduring and perennial values of Venus Grrrls.

Lead singer GK, says; “Hate Me began as a Garageband demo that was written during one of the lockdowns, where we really wanted to focus and hone in on making some memorable motifs and melodies. It’s got a pop edge that we’re really excited about, but feel it maintains all of the crucial elements of our original musicianship.

The song can be construed in a multi-faceted manner, tackling once again similar issues that exist within our previous tracks such as ‘Goth Girl’ and ‘Deranged’. An example of this being where women are continually judged for behaviours that their male counterparts are not judged for, and thus being looked at differently for no real logical reason.

Correspondingly, Hate Me is delivered in a story-telling fashion that focuses on unsaid emotions between people, where there is a complete lack of communication about said feelings and happenings. It’s about the internal complexities this can cause, and explores the desire to have clarity and closure. It’s one of our more simplistic songs lyrically, but with the punchiness of the song we wanted there to be an uncomplicated and bold dialect alongside it.

Lead image by Milly Hewitt

Single artwork by Jamie Kirk

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