Attrition release new single: The Alibi

The Alibi – the new single from the upcoming album from dark industrial act ATTRITION: The Black Maria – sees the light.

We’ve had words with Martin Bowes before, as part of his involvement with Coventry’s Alternative Sounds fanzine and collections of compilations CDs to run alongside them.

The man knows his tunes.

He also fronts up noise makers ATTRITION, self proclaimed dark and industrial. You decide.

But, what we do know is there’s an album on the way and a teaser single, The Alibi.

It starts off all nice and soft, but you know something’s going to happen. Chiming bells, cellos, violins and then, of course we’ve been tricked.

The Perfect Alibi? Or the Perfect Bride?

If this is a taster of the album, then we’re sold.

Running ahead of things, there are also choice remixes from Bellhead, Vaselyne, Steckdose and Follynator.

The list of collaborators on this one song is impressive – we count:

Martin Bowes – Vocals/ All Electronics,
Yvette Winkler – Female lead vocals
Joanne Wolf – Female spoken vocals
Elisa Day – Female backing vocals
Vancorvid – Violin
Marietta Fox – Violin
Anni Hogan – Piano
Ian Arkley – Guitar
Kris Force – Cello

The EP is out now on Bandcamp.

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