Dez Dare – New album: Hairline Ego Trip – They’re just words

Dez Dare’s Hairline Ego Trip album has dropped. We’re totally sold with the apparent madness, but fully on board with the message.

Starting off with a Ramones-like riff, Dumb Dumb Dumb probably tells as much as we need to know about Dez Dare.

But dig a bit deeper and there’s more to this home made punk-ish selection of attitude songs.

Dez is a self confessed lover of the weird and this album proves it. Lurching from it’s punk / DIY roots into elements of psych and Pink Floyd style noodling, he’s not fitting into any pigeon hole around these parts.

And, that’s the charm, really. He describes the album as a Frankenstein’s monster and we’d be hard pressed to disagree.

It’s made up from bits of stuff he acquired during lockdown, the odd synth here, an old guitar there and things he could hit as drums.

But don’t mistake this as just another guy noodling things in a home-spun Brighton studio. It’s intelligent, loud and very, very satisfying.

If Ramones had a baby with, say, Depeche Mode, then you’d be half way there. It’s difficult to describe the sound of punk synths, but, somehow Dez manages it.

The title of the album is, so he told us, meaningless. It was just words he liked. So, too the absolutely glorious album closer, Tractor Beam, Shitstorm, at nearly 10 minutes long. Who does that?

You’ve hit us hard with two minute bangers for the last 20 minutes and then you give us a detention.

Dez has a serious message, though. Don’t act like a dick. Be nice to each other and talk to each other. In real life.

We’re assured there will be plenty more of Dez Dare. We can only hope so.

Be more like Dez.

The album is officially released on 4 June, but you can get it on Bandcamp now.

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