Blue Kubricks release explosive new single, Latin, on Monomyth Records

Blue Kubricks’ first single release on Leeds not for profit label, Monomyth Records, is an absolute banger. And, the good news is they’ve been busy.

Leeds outfit Monomyth Records have snagged themselves a belter in signing thrashy four piece Blue Kubricks.

And they’re celebrating with new single, Latin, an all out assault for exactly three minutes of ferocious guitars and a drum kit getting beaten into submission.

It’s aggressive, fast, loud, punk/rock and we’re rather keen on it.

The band say they’ve been busy over the last 12 months, using the time to write and record. If Latin is anything to go by, then we’re keen and eager to hear more.

Bassist Alex describes Latin: ‘A high-octane, full-throttle riot of a track that grabs you by the throat and won’t let go. It races along at a blistering pace, irresistibly propelled by ferocious drumming and a driving bass line, which provide a granite foundation for the irreverent, uncompromising vocals and filthy guitar lines.’

Drummer Jesse says: ‘An aggressive, thrashy anthem that places me well and truly behind the drum kit as soon as the words “Never drunk enough to drive” pierce my eardrums

Latin is out now at all the usual places.

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