13 Questions with Mondo Trasho – Garage revival, old surf bands and Coors Light

Mondo Trasho would surely have been making big waves with their garage surf rock by now, had the world been a different place. They plan a series of EPs for 2021 which keeps them busy, but for now it’s time for 13Qs with the band.

Mondo Trasho kicked of 2021 by releasing their EP, That’s Trash and there’s a follow up, More Trash due for release in early March.

A third EP is planned soon after.

Liverpool based, they call themselves a garage / surf band and, despite the effects of Covid, they have managed to make something of a name for themselves, and that’s with having managed only a handful of gigs in 2019 and the early part of 2020.

That’s Trash showcases the versatility of  what the band can do, from the cinematic Scott Walker \ Echo and the Bunnymen inspired Running Scared to the garage rock of 86’d, a song about working in a job you hate, written whilst members of the band worked in kitchens in the Batlic Triangle and Liverpool One. And the chilled out Rockabilly Surf of One Eyed
, which is a homage to Twin Peaks.

More Trash shows a darker side with tracks like Bad Seed with a latin / B52s feel and Freaks, a darker garage rock  track about what can be found in dark streets and alleys in your nightmares and your local town.

The EP closes with 12:36, probably the stand out surf track with lyrics that talk about loneliness at night without someone to warm up your bed. How very lockdown.

We hit them up with our 13Qs.

Questions answered by
KKingy (Drummer)
CChris (Organ player)
LLuke (Bass player)

Where are you and what are you doing?

CI am just finishing a shift at The Philharmonic, I’ve been doing some hard graft so we are ready for gigs when lockdown ends.
LI’m at home, I’ve only joined the band last month, so I’m learning the back catalogue and the new unrecorded tracks, it’s been keeping me very busy.
KI’m just in my flat after a shift.

What is your favourite view?

C – ‘View From Here’ by The Gories or a little fishing village in South Wales, Fishguard so picturesque so calming.
L Anywhere that’s not the view from my bedroom window at the minute.
K The Mountains in Cyprus

What is your favourite swear word and why?

CReally like the word Twat. It’s so versatile and the way it’s delivered by the Scouse sounds so satisfying.
LBastard, I feel it’s underrated.
KShite, it’s better that shit.

What was the first record / cd you bought with your own money?

CWith my first ever wage I went to Probe and bought ‘In the City’ by The Jam on second hand vinyl for a fiver.
LMine doesn’t age well. Kasabian – ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’.
KSonic Youth – ‘Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star’ on CD

Marmite. Yes, or No?

LYes, really like Marmite.
CIt’s a yes from me also. Best hangover cure is Marmite on toast, but I don’t know how I feel about the Marmite peanut butter I’ve been seeing in shops.

If you could go to a gig right now, anywhere in the world, which band would you see? And in which venue?

LIf it wasn’t now I’d go to the gig in Moscow when Billy Joel first played in1987. The one when Billy Joel goes mad, flips his piano / keyboard jumps to front of stage, pigeon chested and then attacks the camera man with a microphone stand while the song just continues and he doesn’t miss a beat. Would have loved to seen that live. If you haven’t seen it, search for it. I laugh every time I watch the video.
But for right now, I’d love to see The Oh Sees at Red Rocks Park.
CI’d love to see Dead & Company / The Grateful Dead in Sefton Park. I know it’s not very imaginative to choose Sefton Park, but I don’t fancy going to a gig in a baseball park in America or a football stadium in Qatar. Also I’d get to share it with all the Scouse Deadheads.
KThe Chats, anywhere, please.

Who are your musical influences?

For the band we are influenced by bands like; The Greenhornes, The Stairs, Flat Duo Jets, Freckles, The Cramps, The Dead Kennedys, The B52’s, Blue Demon, The Horrors, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Sonics, Tony Jackson and the Vibrations, The Gories, Link Wray, The Straightjackets, Mark Sultan, The Milkshakes, Dick Dale, The Nite Riders, The Coral, The Mummies, Ten Feet, The Executives, Shocking Blue, Fuzztones, Serpent Power, The Count Fives, The Remains, The Graham Bond Organisation, The Clash, The Ventures, The Shook-Ups, The Spiders, The Jokers.

Most garage revival or old surf bands.

CThe list could go on and on. I don’t want to bore you anymore than we already have.

How do you like your eggs?

KI don’t like eggs.

Tell us something we don’t know.

CI was once in a Christmas Fairy Liquid advert.
LI’m Level 3 DANTE certified.
KI lived in Ireland for a while.

Which city do you recommend we visit – and why?

CPrague. It’s such a great city. It’s got great bars with great prices. Amazing architecture, a nice river running so you don’t miss Liverpool too much. The people are really friendly, the food’s great. Oh, and the newsagents have the best collection of chocolate.
LI’ve not really had the chance to visit many cities. So I’ll say Amsterdam. The zoo there is really good.
KCornwall. Went there recently and it’s really chilled, I enjoyed it there. Helped me recharge my batteries.

What’s your drink of choice?

CAt the minute, Vimto
LErm…water or beer. Me and Kingy love Coors Light.
KCoors Light or Punk IPA.

What band or album do you think we should check out right now?

CLocal lads, The Shipbuilders or Flamin’ Groovies
LSamurai Kip or The UFO Club.
KBlur, self titled, or local guy Ali Horn.

Do you have anything else to declare?

CIf anyone’s got any Leslie speakers, talk to me
L – Make sure your car has oil in it.
K – No, Thank you for the interview.

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