Bobhowla – Exclusive Video release for new single, Million $ Man

The second single from the band’s debut album was released yesterday, we have the exclusive video to go with it.

Following on from last year’s single Midnight Fears, Bobhowla have announced the release of Million $ Man, the final teaser track before their long-awaited debut album arrives on 5 February 2021.

Available digitally and as a limited edition vinyl release via Nine x Nine Records, the debut album, entitled Everything’s Wrong, But It’s Alright is the culmination of recording sessions last year with Rod Jones (Idlewild) at Post Electric Studio in Edinburgh.

Million $ Man is an example of taking a staple live favourite and letting the studio process completely re-map the track’s direction. The once folky-skiffle ditty is now a hard-hitting, anthemic, call to arms, complete with a crafty hook and chorus to match.

Behind the music, hides deeper meaning. In what singer Howard Doupé believes to be a first: “a track dealing with the emotional complexities of a life, delicately touched with health-centered ‘survivor’s guilt’.”

Like so many songs before it, Million $ Man is an upbeat indie-pop tune, but one that masks a sobering and very rarely explored subject matter – the challenges of a life-long physical disability. It’s an honest and frank perception that attempts to deal with issues that will resonate with a particular section of our community.

In a daringly brave move, Doupé expresses a personal narrative within the track, firmly cementing the album’s themes in real life matters.

During an uncertain, yet poignant, global situation, Bobhowla’s debut album Everything’s Wrong, But It’s Alright serves to soundtrack the daily challenges we all continue to face since the start of the pandemic.

Years of solo acoustic performances around the north west have honed an acoustic base into more gritted tones, alongside folk, electronica and dream-pop influences.

Following the single release yesterday, have a spin of the exclusive video.

And, if you look closely about half way through the video, then you may spot a couple of familiar extras 😉

Lead image credit: Warren Millar.

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