Dead Naked Hippies release new single – Curiosity (Dawn)

Dead Naked Hippies have revealed their latest music – Curiosity (Dawn) – out now on Come Play With Me Records.

When we spoke to Lucy Jowett of Dead Naked Hippies in the summer, she mentioned the band couldn’t function as normal. Without access to rehearsal space, the band was having to find different ways of working.

She and Joe (the guitarist) were messing around with synths at home and creating a different version of DNH.

Today sees the release of the new single Curiosity (Dawn) and a first look at the band’s work during lockdown.

Curiosity (Dawn) sees the band take on and embrace self-production for the first time, learning everything from scratch during lockdown. It was their first time self-producing their own music.

This also pushed them to making their own video for the track, a one-shot, one-take video filmed in the back streets of Leeds.

Lucy expands on the process and the freedom this brought: “The video was captured in one shot. We were set on the idea of capturing a moment, much like a live show – imperfect, but full of excitement. The video you see was the first & only full take we captured on the day we set aside to film it, it felt
really special to approach in this way & was definitely a reaction to the lack of live performance in our lives this year.

The single is the follow up to the synth rework of Eyes Wide (Night Time Version) which was released as part of Come Play With Me’s 12” eco-vinyl compilation release, showcasing the best of Yorkshire’s musical output.

Curiosity (Dawn) is out today on Come Play With Me Records in all the usual places.

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