Dream Wife announce new live album – IRL (Live in London)

Dream Wife have announced new music in the form of a forthcoming live album and a teaser track, Cheap Thrills to get you in the mood.

Some welcome news in our inbox this morning from Dream Wife.

When we spoke to Rakel Mjöll earlier in the year she was talking about the frustration of not being able to tour the band’s last release, So When You Gonna …

But she also said the band is especially a live band. There were about 80 gigs lined up for 2020. All of them now canned.

So, perhaps this surprise announcement is actually a natural fit. In a statement released to day, the band said:

We are delighted to announce ‘Dream Wife IRL (Live in London)’, which is available exclusively via Rough Trade on Neon Orange vinyl and released on November 20th.

When we put on a small intimate ‘sort of’ secret gig for fans & friends at Peckham Audio back in January we thought it was the first of many but, as it turns out, it was going to be the only show for a very long time. We can’t wait to commune with you IRL, at the rock show; to share sweat and joy and rage and grief and energy and love.


But for now, we offer you a snapshot of our only rock show of 2020. We offer you a little bit of that energy and rawness and connection captured on record. We’ll be together, we will be loud, and we will be unapologetically present soon. Lots of love, Your Wives xxx

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