Kylie – DISCO. Does precisely what is expected of it

Kylie’s latest 12″ was released today. We gave it a spin and, guess what?

It’s about two years ago we saw Kylie at the (then) Echo Arena in Liverpool, touring her 2018 release, Golden.

It struck us at the time as a kind of coming of age piece of work. Full of American country references (Shelby ’68 and Golden itself). That 2018 gig coincided with Kylie’s 50th birthday earlier in the year and we reckoned Golden was a kind of statement as to where Kylie saw herself at the turn of her half century.

An intelligent set of songs that maybe signalled a change of direction.

Disco, however, is a very different thing. You can imagine how it sounds. It’s a disco album.

Full of dancefloor fillers it’s a return to a more familiar sound. But it’s anything but a retro step for Kylie. It’s the album she said she wanted to make after her 2019 appearance on the Legends slot at Glastonbury. It was always intended to be so.

But then Covid 19 intervened and Kylie needed to work on the album herself, at home. A lot of the vocals have been recorded and engineered by Kylie.

It doesn’t show. Instead, what we get is an unashamedly upbeat antidote to 2020. It’s kind of ironic in a way that this ultimate party record will have to wait until [insert date] before it can be blasted out to throngs of dancing fans.

There are echoes of Chic (Monday Blues), Boney M (Supernova) and even New Order (Say Something).

Where Does the DJ Go? has a proper funk guitar lick once it gets into its stride and Dance Floor Darling is going to be the first song played at many a 2021 wedding and for many years thereafter.

The album does precisely what it intended to do. 12 bangers. It will become a classic. Nothing ground breaking here, just good tunes to bring a smile to your face.

Fucking hell, we need it right now.

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