13 Questions with HAQ 123, weird photos, crowd surfing and the kids call the shots

Haq123 are Millie (vocals) and Zac (drums) and their dad, Kav, on bass. The fact their dad was once in Evil Blizzard is not to be held against them. These guys kick some proper ass.

Haq123 are another one of those rabbit holes into which we descended one night when we should have known better.

But they are the best ones. The late at night, scary ones.

But when we realised erstwhile Evil Blizzard member, Kav, had formed a new(ish) band with his kids, Millie (12) and Zac (13) doing vocals and drums to go along with a Blizz thumping bass style we were obviously intrigued. And, obviously Kav is older than his kids.

What we hadn’t quite expected was full on heavy no bullshit (sorry, kids) rock, psych weirdness. And heavy.

We’re a few days late for Halloween, but then we can’t all turn up on time. This would have been the perfect soundtrack, had we done so.

Take, for example: 96% Warrior, 4% Barber from the band’s last EP. An eight minute assault which has Millie screaming at the walls and Zac beating the living crap out of his drum kit. All the while, there’s a Neurosis, Godeater thing going on. Obviously, Kav knows how to play a bass.

Millie’s vocals add a spooky, ghost-like quality. There are evil spirits prowling around here. That’s for sure.

Now with a new a full length album on the virtual shelves, we think it’s time the world knows more about Haq123.

The new release is on BandCamp and you should deffo go check it out. The music is all on a pay what you like basis, so … well, you know the score

Haq123 4

We fired off the usual 13 Questions. It was Zac and Millie who answered. That in itself was cool. Their answers are even cooler.

1. Where are you and what are you doing?

ZacAt home playing Need for Speed on my PS4.
MillieAt my house about to watch the new Mandalorian.

2. What is your favourite view?

MProbably a beach.
ZWe were on holiday in Thailand and just by our house was a river that had a cliff wall on one side that had trees growing out of it. One time we were hanging out there and a big family of monkeys came past us on the cliff face while they were searching for food.

3. What is your favourite swear word and why?

MI don’t really swear but probably git or crap because they are cool words.
ZI have some favourites but am not going to say as my dad is writing all these words down on the laptop.

4. What was the first record/CD you bought with your own money?

ZGet with the times bro – no one buys records or CDs these days . I just listen to stuff online.
MNone yet. My parents pay for them.

5. Marmite. Yes, or no?

ZNo – rank!

6. If you could go to a gig right now, anywhere in the world, which band would you see? And in which venue?

ZBlack Sabbath at Supernormal Festival.
MProdigy at Glastonbury.

7. Who are your musical influences?

MProdigy and Big Lad and Sabbath.
ZHenry the drummer in Big Lad, my drum teacher Tim, KSI, JB Scofield and lots of rappers that your readers probably haven’t heard of.

8. How do you like your eggs?

ZEggs are manky…unless they are chocolate Easter eggs.
MI’m not much of an egg person but I don’t mind boiled eggs.

9. Tell us something we don’t know.

ZI like crowd surfing. The best one was just after we finished playing our set at Supernormal last year and we were thrown around by the crowd for about five minutes.
MI have 2 different coloured eyes (blue and green).

Haq 123 - Crowd Surfing

10. Which city do you recommend we visit – and why?

MBudapest because its a lovely place and there’s lots of things to do.
ZZaandam near Amsterdam. We went there last New Year. There is a cool hotel that looks like loads of different houses stacked on top of one another. On NYE everybody sets off tons of fireworks and we watched them from the side of a lake and could see them going off in a 360 degree view.

Inntel hotel by WAM Architecten

11. What’s your drink of choice?

ZOrange juice. I only drink OJ and water.
MJ2O or Coke.

12. What band or album do you think we should check out right now?

M‘No Tourists’ by The Prodigy.
ZRainbow Grave. They are very loud and very sweary. My favourite song is ‘Ten Million Tons of Shit’.

13. Do you have anything else to declare?

ZI like taking weird photos and editing them with all kinds of effects.
MI’m looking forward to gigs again and I’ll hope you’ll be there to have the time of your life with us.

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