Skinny Lister to celebrate 5 year anniversary of Down on Deptford Broadway

Skinny Lister will mark the five year anniversary of their classic Down on Deptford Broadway album with a re-release accompanied by new material and artwork.

On 23 October 2020, the London sextet will be teaming up with Xtra Mile Recordings for a re-issue of their barnstorming 2nd album, complete with previously unheard material and revitalised artwork.

Initially recorded in 2013 before an official release 2 years later, ‘Down On Deptford Broadway’ was Skinny Lister’s second album and was the first to be released by Xtra Mile. Produced by Ted Hutt at the infamous Rockfield Studios, it contains some of the band’s best loved songs: ‘Trouble On Oxford Street’, ‘Cathy’ and ‘Six Whiskies’ which has become a rousing and triumphant finale to their live shows.

When released in April 2015, ‘Down On Deptford Broadway’ was widely acclaimed by the music press and announced the band’s presence on the scene. NME gushed: “These are boozing songs of love, conflict and elopement brewed from intoxicating hooks, so embrace your inner Pogue”.

Down on Deptford Broadway

The anniversary re-release includes brand new artwork, and a bonus download of the entire album in demo form.

We think the demos are worth having, and they make this package an intriguing prospect. They are, by definition, rough around the edges, but they are a fascinating glimpse in to the process of the creation of the finished product.

That the demos are some way away from the fully polished songs on the album as originally released just makes them all the more interesting.

Reflecting on ‘Down On Deptford Broadway’ and its legacy, Lorna and Dan of Skinny Lister said:

“In its 5 years – ‘Down On Deptford Broadway’ has proved to be an important album for Skinny Lister. The sessions saw us bring a tougher edge to the Skinny sound, helped by Ted Hutt’s live-approach production and the addition of drums for the first time. The album has a special place in our hearts, and is certainly one that feels loved by our fans. It’s testament to DODB that our live set often comprises of a whole bunch of tracks from it – many of our sing-along favourites. It’s a joy to see it get a 5 year anniversary special edition re-press and to celebrate the album and all the great times and adventures associated with those 12 tracks.”

We caught the band at the Arts Club in Liverpool late last year and were impressed by their charisma, stage presence and straightforward feel good entertainment.

This was band who knew exactly what they were doing and how to do it.

Skinny Lister – Arts Club, Liverpool, 2019

There are obvious comparisons to be made with bands such as The Pogues, New Model Army and The Levellers. But to attempt to ascribe the band a particular label does perhaps miss the point.

There are elements of so much going on in their music – punk, reggae, ska and, well just rock.

This is a worthy reminder of a band who are not afraid to explore, to borrow influences and turn that melting pot into some damn fine music.

Lead image – credit – Phoebe Montague.

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