13 Questions with Too Loud Records and swearing in Italian

Too Loud Records had a crack at our 13 questions – here’s how it went down.

Too Loud Records are an eclectic bunch. Based in Italy, but with a band roster that spreads all over the world.

The label came to our attention following the chat we had with Penny Was Right, so we dug a bit deeper and liked what we found.

From the thrash of The Aurora (Italy) to the more grunge style of bands such as Out In Style (Brazil) there was a lot to enjoy from the label’s website.

Main man, Riccardo Daga was game enough to have a crack at our 13 questions.

Where are you and what are you doing?

Hey guys I’m in Italy right now and I’m a producer/audio engineer in my studio, Titans Lab Recording Studio and label manager of Too Loud Records. So I record and produce bands from all over the world.

What is your favourite view?

From above.

What’s your favorite swear word, and why?

Actually I don’t know probably “Hai rotto i coglioni”. It’s perfect to close any kind of discussion.

What was the first record / cd you bought with your own money?

Probably “Americana.

How do you like your eggs?

Well cooked.

If you could go to a gig right now, anywhere in the world, which band would you see? And in which venue?

I really would like to go to a small venue with Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream and Belvedere. Probably it doesn’t exist, Ha! But small venues are the best for me.

Marmite. Yes or no?

Definitely no.

What’s your favourite season and why?

Summer, you can go to the sea, take a bath, and turn off your brain for a moment, maybe even isolate myself from the crowd. Super relaxing.

Tell us a secret.

I don’t like Nutella.

Which city do you recommend we visit – and why?

I’m from Ferrara, a small city in Emilia Romagna and i think that everyone should visit it, but in Italy, every city is like a jewel, even the smallest ones.

What’s your drink of choice?

Tequila, definitely my favourite.

What would be your final meal if you were on Death Row?

Probably a giant steak “Fiorentina”. A great dish to finish.

Do you have anything else to declare?

Well, it was definitely fun do this little interview.
If you love Rock music, punk music, hardcore music you must definitely follow my label Too Loud Records and all its releases. Our bands are simply amazing and come from all over the world, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, France, USA.

And right now if you love bands like Lagwagon or NUFAN you must definitely listen the latest album from Out In Style “Letters Never Sent”. You’ll love it.

Check our links and follow our bands:

Thanks to p3dro.net for this opportunity.

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