Texas Bob Juarez: Hobo Kiosk, Liverpool

Texas Bob Juarez was our first gig since March and he was the perfect way to ease us back into the groove.

Liverpool is in my heart, in my soul. There’s so much love in this city. Every time I come back, it envelops me with all its love, the loving arms. It’s a beautiful feeling … I feel very honoured to be here

So said Texas Bob Juarez as we caught him for a couple of quotes after the gig.

And we’re sure he meant it. We could feel it during tonight’s short set. Half an hour and he was done. But that’s fine by us.

We hadn’t planned on this one, but a text early on Thursday morning said we could have a perch by the bar and squeeze in to this otherwise sold out gig.

So, we did, and sat next to the rather unsettling gas mask / mohican thing.

Hobo Kiosk

Best known for his stint as guitarist for Television Personalities, that is, perhaps to downplay TBJ’s talents. Although he kicked off with Silly Girl from his TP days we had a run through of more recent tunes.

Including a parody of David Bowie’s Moonage Daydream – “I’m an alligator, I’m a motherfucker“.

This was short and sweet. It probably wasn’t so much about the music, although it was ace, but it seemed to be a signal that there are ways in which live music can be kicked into life. No mosh pit, of course, but a real sense that there is a potential solution.

Drink Beer

There was time for one more song – there was no mic and no amp – there was no sound guy to pull the plug. TBJ called the shots and that’s probably how it should have been.

Pretty perfect, really. And he stayed around after the gig, supping beers with the punters.

Big love to Ivan Thunders, Tristan and Delia for hosting this one and we can only hope there will be more like this.

There’s a new project – Sparkle Stars – you could spend some useful time by checking it out.

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