Campfire Social release new single, Awake in the Wake of a Wave – exclusive listen

Campfire Social have announced their new single, Awake in the Wake of a Wave, we have an exclusive listen ahead of its release.

Captivating Indie-pop collective, Campfire Social craft a dynamically rich sound, bursting with bright harmonies carefully layered over hypnotic melodies.

At a time where lock down rules are changing, we all have to try and emerge from the cave we created for ourselves and re-adjust to social situations again. Campfire Social’s heart on sleeve lyrics and bright harmonies come at a perfect time to remind us that we are all better together.

Awake in the Wake of a Wave is a song about questioning your relevance when in social situations and the constant dread that you don’t belong, even when surrounded by those you love the most.

It’s also about the hope that can come from feeling lost and disenfranchised. The desire to find something new. The unknown is full of endless possibilities. It has arrived at the perfect time for many.

Awake in the wake of a wave is about the importance of remaining hydrated. Have you drunk any water today? Have you? Why not? Drink some water now! Dummy

An understated explanation of a track is part of the band’s appeal.

The single will be released on Mai 68 Records on Friday, but you can get an early listen right here.

Campfire Social – Awake in the Wake of a Wave

We hope you enjoy it.

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